Original Artwork:
Master Copy - a one-of-a-kind original creation (i.e., a watercolor painting, pen & ink and/or mixed media drawing) from which copies can be made.

Limited Edition Print:
A limited number of reproductions made from an original artwork. Each one is hand-signed, titled, and sequentially numbered by Sam in the margin. The total number of prints is fixed or limited by the artist or the publisher. Prints released since 1994 are also embossed with the Sam Bass logo for authenticity. Limited edition prints can be offset lithographs, digital prints, serigraphs or other types of reproduction. These reproductions are printed on museum quality, non-acidic paper, with generous borders surrounding the image to allow for matting and framing. It also helps to preserve the life of the piece and the artist’s markings.

Artist’s Proof:
Although there is a limited number of reproductions made from one of Sam’s original paintings, an artist proof is one outside the regular edition, but printed at the same time from the same plates without changes-- usually first off the press as the artist examines and issues approval on the reproduction quality. By custom, the artist retains the A/P's for his personal use or sale. The percentage of A/P's is low compared to the percentage that has been numbered, making them making them more desirable to some collectors. Typically, 10% of the edition total is designated and hand-marked by the artist as A/P, then signed. As an added service to the collectors of his A/P's, Sam provides a hand-drawn re-marque at no additional charge. Each A/P is accompanied by a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

A remarque is a small original sketch done by the artist in the margin of the print/proof giving it its own uniqueness from the others in the edition. It may be in pencil, watercolor, pen and ink, or other medium of the artist’s choice. A remarque adds value to the print/proof in that it becomes one-of-a-kind with the original addition made by the artist.

Certificate of Authenticity:
Each original artwork, print, or A/P is accompanied by a certificate which typically includes the title, edition size, the number or A/P issued (if applicable) and the creation date of the original artwork.

A reproduction of the original artwork that is usually printed in unlimited quantities. Sam’s posters are generally printed on 80 lb. gloss stock to achieve a higher quality of reproduction than standard poster offerings.