Although there is a limited number of reproductions made from one of Sam’s original paintings, an artist proof is one outside the regular edition, but printed at the same time from the same plates without changes-- usually first off the press as the artist examines and issues approval on the reproduction quality. By custom, the artist retains the A/P's for his personal use or sale. The percentage of A/P's is low compared to the percentage that has been numbered, making them making them more desirable to some collectors. Typically, 10% of the edition total is designated and hand-marked by the artist as A/P, then signed.

  • Pricing shown does not include driver’s autograph. Some A/Ps are available with the driver’s signature. Please call.
  • Quantity initially signed and remaining availability may affect price.
  • Any exceptions are noted next to the title with “(A)”.
  • An artist proof may take an additional 2-4 weeks for shipping due to the personal time required of the artist.

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